We use elements from Vanessa Coopers’ original paintings to create unique luxurious fabrics always depicting the wonder and endless inspiration of nature. Therefore the source of new design material is vast and constant from Vanessa’s endless and timeless creations.

All current designs are available in luxurious British velvet and linen for drape and upholstery.

We will work in close collaboration directly with interior architects and designers offering their clients fabrics and designs that are not available to the public.



We believe we are ideally placed to meet the needs of an the ever-changing, ever demanding luxury custom home and hospitality markets place. We have the ability to work in exclusive partnership/creative collaboration with interior architects and designers to create distinctive, innovative, intriguing, sophisticated, elegant designs on luxury furnishings and tailored bespoke furniture. 

We will create a bespoke design for a specific project following a design brief. Vanessa and the design team will work in close design collaboration to create that exclusive bespoke fabric for your client.


Vanessa is an established successful artist principally working in oils.  Vanessa’s art celebrates nature, the seasons, family life and animals and she is recognised for her imaginative compositions and vibrant palette.  There are deep veins of both sensuality and humour in her work, which add to its overall vitality.

Vanessa’s painting and murals are wonderfully joyful, humorous, bursting with colour and English eccentricity.

Interior architects and designers can add to the ‘design story’ with murals and paintings to create exclusive bespoke interiors.