"people are increasingly eclectic in how they decorate their interiors and are seeking art in every object..."

Founded as a collaborative venture between two sisters, Vanessa Cooper (Creative Director) and Sarah Royle-Johnson (Commercial Director). VCD was established to work in close collaboration with Architects and Interior Designers to create exclusive bespoke interiors.


We use elements from Vanessa Coopers’ original paintings to create luxurious velvets and linens. The designs burst with joie de vivre that echoes the joy, abundance, inspiration, and harmony of nature that Vanessa vibrantly expresses.

The fabrics and all designed and manufactured in England, to the highest standards.


We believe that they are ideally placed to meet the needs of the ever-changing, ever demanding luxury custom home and hospitality markets place. We have the ability to work in exclusive partnership/creative collaboration with Interior architects and designers to create distinctive, innovative, intriguing, sophisticated, elegant designs on luxury furnishings and tailored bespoke furniture.

The Team



Vanessa is an established successful artist who has built a reputation as a bold, expressive and imaginative painter, with a deep love and knowledge of colour. Vanessa believes that colour is a language with its own psychology and vibrations.  When looking for inspiration she observes the shades nature puts together, and finds colour very healing and energising.

She saw an opportunity to transfer her designs onto a larger stage and to share them with a greater audience therefore establishing VCD as a platform. She feels that people are increasingly eclectic in how they decorate their homes, are seeking ‘art in every object’ and that her vibrant, yet informed style fits the spirit of the age.

Vanessa exhibits in several galleries in the UK with regular solo exhibitions and has established a following of customers that collect her paintings. She receives commissions all over the world and has featured in several publications.



Sarah, a Chartered Surveyor, has over 25 years experience as an accomplished and well-regarded strategic advisor in commercial and residential property investment and development and has carried out developments all over the UK and Europe. With expertise across all disciplines of commercial development having worked for PLC property companies, property developers, investment and leasing agents.  A large proportion of these developments have been mixed use and retail led so she has extensive knowledge of branding and effective market positioning.

This background has exposed Sarah to establish relationships with a significant network of renowned Architects and Interior Designers at the forefront of innovation for, predominantly, luxury custom homes, hospitality and retail.